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Melbourne Metro

The Melbourne Metro Sales teams work alongside investors, occupiers and developers to sell commercial real estate throughout Victoria’s metro markets. Specialising in the sale of; commercial and retail property, premium investments, strata titled property, development opportunities, service stations, childcare centres and much more.

With a focus on fostering strong, long term client relationships and across all asset classes  we have built a strong track record spanning commercial office and retail sales, strata, development sites and premium investments such as service stations and childcare centres. Our access to offshore and onshore investors ensure the Melbourne Metro sales team can help maximise the value of your asset.

Peter Bremner
National Director
Melb East
M: +61 412 326 942
Ted Dwyer
Melb East
M: +61 411 312 165
Andrew Ryan
Associate Director
Melb East
M: +61 408 543 527
Alex Browne
Melb East
M: +61 418 350 545
Ben Baines
Associate Director
Melb East
M: +61 438 328 407
Raphael Favas
Melb East
M: +61 435 916 380
Charlotte Cassar
Team & Marketing Assistant
Melb East
M: +61 3 8562 1141
Lisa Caliri
Senior Team Assistant
Melb East
M: +61 3 8562 1131